We can provide traditional or 'new' style Manx vehicles, Protected Cell or other forms of company.

We work closely with our clients and their professional advisors to ensure that appropriate structures are designed and implemented to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. Where a client lacks a relevant professional advisor, we can access our extensive independent advisor network to facilitate this need. 


  • There are many reasons for using company structures, which often go hand in hand with Trusts, for example, as the investment vehicle of a trust or as a property holding entity.

  • There can be advantages in using an Isle of Man company (whether in the traditional 1931 form or a 2006 company i.e. “new Manx vehicle”) as part of a trust structure or as a standalone entity.

  • Isle of Man companies are very flexible

  • There are different types of company available to meet a range of client requirements, including; protected cell companies and 2006 style companies, which provide certain features & flexibilities that differ from the traditional 1931 type structure.

  • Foreign companies can be administered from the Isle of Man, offering flexibility and aiding estate planning or corporate structuring

WE offer fully managed company services including:

  • Director services

  • Company Secretarial services

  • Secretarial and administration services to AIM listed companies

  • Accounting and preparation of financial statements